Q + A to start up conversations in FI

Part of our morning routine includes me trying to get my kids to talk in French as much as possible!!! 

I made these cards and we use them to learn questioning words (or review them in grade 2) and to practice giving answers in full sentences. 

I read each card to them and have them repeat it, and then pair them up to practice asking their partner. I let a few of them present, and then they get a new partner and repeat the activity. It gets them talking, and also helps them focus on listening to their partner and taking turns having a conversation. 

I focus on the same questions for a few weeks before switching them up. Right now we are practicing these: 

Oh how I wish my whiteboard was actually white...

With my grade 1s, the focus is on simple and complete sentences. 
With my grade 2s, the focus is on adding details (parce que, avec, etc.). 

With a split class, having activities that can work for both grades and easily be differentiated is CRUCIAL. This works well with both grades!

You could also use these with core French students! 


  1. Can they be used for Canadian Core French grade 9 students?

  2. Hi Anna! I'm not really familiar with the grade 9 core french curriculum - but I can always add in whatever questions you'd like me to! I can edit it to make sure it works if you give me specifics :)


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