French winter mini books + shadow puppet

This week I read my grade 1s AND 2s my new mini books! 

With the change in curriculum, there is some overlap with my 1s and 2s, and I have some grade 2s who are reading at this level too. 

I then turned them into videos with the shadow puppet app and have uploaded them onto my website, so my students can read them at home too! 

I upload the video to youtube, and then embed it into my weebly website so my students don't need to go to youtube to watch it. 

This coming week, we will be making up the student versions of the books. My students will then have a book to take home that they can practice using the audio from my website! 

The really neat thing is that I can do this ALL (even embed the file to weebly) in about 5 minutes on my ipad. My classes LOVE getting to make them together and then are (hopefully) more motivated to go home and practice, knowing that they helped to make the video.

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