Grade 1 - Building more complex sentences

I'm currently working with my grade 1s to start building more complex sentences. Instead of "Je vois 2 crayons" or "Il y a 5 boules de neige", we started making "when --> then" sentences. 

Quand il fait froid, je porte un manteau. 
Quand il fait frais, je porte un chandail. 
Quand il fait beau, je joue dehors avec mes amis. 
Quand il neige, je fais un bonhomme de neige. 

This has really helped show who needs some extra help with the comprehension too, since they need to build sentences that make sense. 

We are also practicing the different verbs: 

Je porte
J'ai besoin de
Je joue
Je vois
Je fais
Je patine
Je bois
Je mange
Je nage

I read the book from the file to them a LOT. I read it once through when they listen, and then the second time I read line by line, giving them time to repeat after me. They hear the book at least every other day, and they soon learn the words and are able to read along with me. We have talked about WHY we read books more than once (to learn the French words) and they get really excited when it clicks for them. 

Then we go through all the flashcards to practice the vocabulary again, repeating each card after me. There are lots of different centres that match the vocabulary from the book and the flashcards. We play "bug in a rug" as a class to practice the vocabulary, and do the matching centre to practice reading the words. 

We also start practicing building the sentences in partners and sharing them with the class. I draw/write them on the board as the students share them and then we read them all together as a class. 

After a few days of practicing orally, we start practicing writing the sentences. 

I write "Quand _________ je _____________" on the board, and they can use the word wall cards for help writing the full sentences. 

Next week they will be writing their own versions of the book using the template I made. They can stick to the "je porte" sentences, or they can use different verbs and endings to really show me what they have learned!

One of my students blew my away by making this during Daily 5: 

If you're interested, here are the two files that I am using with my kiddos :) 

Le temps et les vêtements - Mini book and centres

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