Polluted water and thanksgiving craft

This week in grade 2:

This week we started our polluted water jar:

We looked at different pictures of polluted water, and then discussed why polluted water is a problem for people, animals, and the environment. Then I filled an empty orange juice container with water. We looked through the recycling, garbage, and compost bins and talked about how different things could cause problems if they were found floating in water in the environment. Then we added them to the orange juice container. We talked about oil spills and I poured some cooking oil into the orange juice container. We looked at how it stayed at the top of the water, and talked about what might happen if a bird landed on the water. Then I dipped some feathers into the water so they could see how the oil affects the feathers. 

Once we had everything mixed into the orange juice container, they drew their observations (and smelled the container!). We will be observing the container once a week. **If you are doing this activity, use a container that you are happy to get rid of once you're done with the experiment. It will smell AWFUL after a few weeks and you won't want to spend any time scrubbing your container clean. 

Then we did a Thanksgiving craft. We brainstormed all the things that we are thankful for as a class. Then I gave them each a paper plate. They divided the paper plate into sections and drew the things they were thankful for. 

We also continued to practice our fall vocabulary! Here is our matching centre:

Hope you had a great week! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there!

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