Les belles phrases - l'automne!

This week in grade 1 we are practicing creating "les belles phrases" using "je vois", "je mange", "je porte", and our fall vocabulary

We started practicing on our desks (because it's SO much fun, and doesn't waste paper!):

**Some desks needed a bit of extra love afterwards to get them clean. I use dish soap and water in a spray bottle. It comes off nicely :) 

One of my new centres is "les belles phrases" using the laminated cards that I made. Here are some pictures of them at work: 

I am also reading the simple reader that I made to go with the games. I read it to them every few days, and they repeat each page after I read it to practice the sentence starters and the fall vocabulary. I have been using the belles phrases cards in a centre with me, so that I can introduce the centre and make sure that they understand the order of the cards. While they are doing this, my other students are doing similar fall centres

In between we also started practicing prepositions. I am SO excited to start mixing them together to create even longer sentences.. hopefully next week :) I have been reading the preposition book to them and we have been singing the song to start learning the words. 

While my grade 1s are practicing this, my grade 2s are working on the harder fall centres. They are working on creating sentences in "bang", instead of simply identifying the vocabulary (as the grade 1s do). 

What are you up to this week? Can you believe Friday is Halloween?!?!

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