Working on our writing

This week we have been practicing our writing skills! We came back from the break and reviewed the reading sounds we worked on right before the break (an/en, on, oi). Then my kids went to their desks with a dry erase marker (and a glove from Dollarama to use as an eraser). 

I gave them a word as a prompt (eg. oiseau) and then they had to write a few sentences/short story about it. Then they had to look back over their work and circle the sounds "an/en", "on", and "oi" in their sentences. We are really trying to get them to edit their work, so having something specific to do (circle sounds) will hopefully help build the habit. 

Once they were happy with their work, they stood up and everyone chose a new desk. They sat down at their new desk and edited the writing on their desk. They were looking for capitals, periods, word wall words, and words with the reading sounds we were hunting for. 

Once they were done, they went back to their own desks to see if the changes that had been made to their work made sense. It was really exciting to see how engaged they were! They were very focused on the editing aspect, and I could quickly tell who was using the word wall to help them edit the work. 

Here are some examples of their writing: 






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