I am DONE with winter. I spent today printing/cutting/laminating flashcards and games to get all set for spring. Maybe if I get ready for it... it will come faster :) 

I made word wall words and some flashcards. There are 48 different words/phrases. I won't be using all of them with my grade 2s, but there's a selection to choose from. 

For my Daily 5 activities, I made puzzle matching cards. My kids have really liked this one recently. They choose it more often than "bug in a rug" and "bang" now. It also includes writing cards. There is space for them to write the vocabulary with a whiteboard marker, or to use it in a sentence. 

There is a spring version of "bug in a rug": 

And I'll be adding these to my magnetic word wall centre: 

I make two sets. I add magnets to one set, and then put the others in a container. That way two groups can use them at once. 

I also made a bingo game to play to review all the vocabulary! 

Fingers crossed that it starts to warm up here soon :) 

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