Winter sentence station, writing, and BAZINGA game!

This week we are focusing on winter vocabulary! We've been having fun with different games, and it's really exciting to hear them starting to remember the new vocabulary.

Today we started practicing our poem of the week, and I introduced this week's 4 words of the week. I photocopied this "set" (our second 8 week set of words) onto coloured paper, laminated them, and then stuck magnets on them. We practice them really quickly each day, and they hunt for the words every morning when they look through French books/Read to self while we wait for O Canada.

I also switched the weather/clothing squares out of our sentence station and replaced them with the winter vocabulary. I added in the simple preposition squares too. We build a few sentences together every day. I let one student choose each square - so 8 students contributed to the photo below. Then we read it together. After we've built a few together, then they make some up with a partner to practice talking. 

Today I also gave them about 5 minutes afterwards to write their sentences down and share them with a new friend. Below are some examples! 

We also made up a game today to practice new vocabulary. Each student had a whiteboard, marker, and mitten (we use Dollarama mittens as erasers). They chose 6 objects from our word wall to draw on their board. Then I chose a word wall card, and they repeated the word after me. If they had that card, then they circled the object. Whoever had circled all 6 of their objects first won a sticker :) They also got to shout "BAZINGA!", which is what we decided to name our new game! 

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