What we've been working on in class...

It feels like time is just FLYING by! We are gearing up to write report cards next week, and life feels like a blur. I can't believe tomorrow is February 1st!!!!! 

Our school (like most schools, I'm sure) never seems to have any laminate. I always miss it when it's refilled! I've been using my winter sentence starters unlaminated (gasp!) and finally managed to get upstairs to use the last little bit that was left on the roll! 

There are many ways that you can use these! I put magnets on the back, but keep them on display in a pocket chart when they're aren't in use.

Here are a few ways that I use them in my classroom:
- Journal prompts - Stick one on the board that your whole class can write about in their journals
- Oral conversation prompts - Pull one at a time (or let a student choose one!) and have students turn and talk with an elbow partner to complete the sentence 
- Verb introductions - It's so neat to hear how many verbs they can use now! 

After using the sentence building station only as a whole group for a few weeks, I've let my baby go and it's now part of a centre! 3-4 students stand at the whiteboard and take turns adding the next bit to the sentence. I make sure that I'm there too when there are students at that centre who need a bit more support. It's been helpful to work on their sentence structure, as I have a few little monkeys who are mixing up their orders. The cards in the photograph are from my Winter Mini Book and Centres file

We are also finishing up week 4 of our second round of sight words. I've mixed up some of the activities from vol.1 to vol. 2, but I have all the same activities in the file for all 7 weeks. You can pick and choose what you use - some make great centres too, to save on paper. I've copied some of them 4 to a page, and my kids are still able to read and write on them when they're this small. 

They love to trade word searches with a partner and see who can find all the words first! 

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