Reading sound centres

The last few weeks have been so busy! Report cards went home, and student-led conferences are all finished! 

Below are some pictures of the work my grade 2s have been doing with reading sounds. We start each sound by reading a short silly story together. Then we brainstorm the other words we know with that sound. After that they take a clipboard and go on a hunt of the classroom for more words with that sound. They like to check the books in our classroom library for sounds as well. They also use our sound word wall for more ideas.

Here are some pictures of some of the centres that we have done: 

After they finish the folders (above) or the matching games, they take an ipad mini and record themselves reading each of the words. After reading them through once, they try to come up with sentences containing each of the words. This also gives me a video that I can use as a check-in to support them with their reading. 

After a week of exploration in the different centres, then my students write and illustrate their own silly story.

They also practice reading and writing with the sheets below:

It's been really great to see the progress that they've made so far!

With the change in the Ontario French curriculum as of September, I will be doing these same centres in the spring with my grade 1s. 

What does your sound program look like?

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