A new game!

Here's a game that I made up: It's pretty simple, but my kids LOVE it. We have had to have talks about controlling our excitement while we play! 

We play it to practice both oral communication and writing. 

I read them a book with vocabulary that we are learning (in this case winter words). Then we choose vocabulary from the book (or just from our winter word wall) and I draw it on the board. 

Then I say each word, and my students repeat it after me. I give them two minutes on a timer to "dwrite" (write a sentence using pictures and words), and then they have to read what they wrote to their table group. 

Then I spin the spinner. If the spinner lands on the word you chose, you get a point! 

The great part about this game is that I can play it with both my grade 1s and 2s simultaneously (which is a dream for a split class). My grade 2s are expected to write more than the grade 1s, and can use more than one of the words in their sentences.

We play a few rounds with each set of vocabulary before I erase it and choose new words. I get them to repeat the words a LOT, to give them lots of opportunities to practice. 

What games are your students loving?? 

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