Snowman sequence - getting my students talking!

Last week we worked on story telling. I put my students into groups of 4, and had them put 4 pictures into a sequence. They had to use the pictures to come up with a story. They could add details into the existing pictures, and draw new squares to add to the sequence as well. 

Each student was responsible for presenting one frame of the story to the class. It was good to see how the groups worked together (learning skills time!) and if they could work together to come up with a story that made sense. 

Some of the groups chose to also write their sentences down, while others just presenting using the pictures as prompts. 

This was really helpful as a formative assessment, as many of my students presented "je vois..." sentences. They got stuck on describing what was in each frame instead of telling a story. Time to really practice other sentence starters!!! 

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