Getting my reluctant writers started!

Writing in French can be very scary for my students. If they aren't confident with their writing in English, then it's an extra scary new challenge. 

This week I let me students write on their desks. Their DESKS. They didn't believe me when I told them to take a dry erase marker and sit at their desks. When I told them to start writing, they looked at me as though it was a trick! Through the giggles and squeals, I noticed that ALL of them started writing within a few minutes. In French! I didn't have any of the resistance that I get when I give them paper and tell them to start. 

For some of them, I wrote prompts on their desks for them to reply to. For others, I wrote sentence starters and they finished them (with words and pictures). It was so easy to differentiate! As they finished, I walked around and we looked at editing. I made notes down the sides of their desks and they edited their work (capitals, periods, word wall words). 

I now have kids begging to write on their desks when they finish their work :) 

**Some of our desks had some grime on them, so the dry erase markers didn't perfectly erase. When we were completely done, we used some water and a paper towel and it came right off :) 

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