Salt dough diyas

This year we made diyas for Diwali! 

Here they are before they were painted: 

To make them: 
- 1 cup of salt
- 2 cups of flour
- 1 cup of warm water (I ended up needing to use a splash more) 

It took a few minutes of mixing with my hands, but it was easy for the students to use once it was mixed. I made 2 batches of the recipe to use for 20 students. It wasn't too messy either - it was very easy to clean up off their desks after they were done shaping their diyas. I will definitely use salt dough again in my classroom! 

We made them on a Friday and left them over the weekend to dry. I should have left them on a baking tray, as they didn't dry properly on the bottom over the weekend. So I just flipped them over and then left them another night before we painted them. 

We were a bit late making them, as Diwali has already passed. BUT the kids had a blast and loved making/decorating them. After they finished painting them, they added sparkles! 

You can even send them home with a little tea light to put inside their diya! 

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