Guided writing -- Fall writing

Today we tried some fall writing sheets!

First we talked about what each of the 5 words meant, and then talked about what we could draw to show that we understand the word (for e.g., an arrow for a verb). 

Then I modelled drawing a quick sketch to get my ideas down. I like them to draw something first to help them when they start writing - but don't want them to spend all of their time drawing. We talked about how they could go back AFTER they were done writing to colour and add more details to their work.

As a class, we decided on the sentences to use for this example on the chart paper:

(We have talked a lot about "bumping up" our work - there are more sentences here than I would expect from them independently because they wanted to help me to bump up my own work!)

Then they tried on their own! 

I left the chart paper up for them to use for ideas and words if they wanted to use it. Other students wanted to try coming up with their own sentences. 

Here is some of the work my students did today:

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