Pictures from the past two weeks

Although I've completely dropped with ball with blogging recently, I've still managed to take a few photos over the past two weeks to share!

Here we go...

We made these ADORABLE polar bears in art. I just LOVE their little faces. I think this is my favourite art piece that we've done this year. We cut up different shades of blue tissue paper into squares and then gave each table group buckets if squares to choose from. We had them glue their paper (NOT the tissue paper squares, they rip and get stuck to the glue) and then carefully lay pieces down on the glued paper. When they were done, I painted over them with watered down white glue to help all the edges stick. We made the polar bears together, step by step. My favourite one is in the bottom right corner - I think he has the cutest little smile :)

We've been working on one sound a week. Our morning messages are now short sorting activities that we do together as a class. I include some variation of the 3 pictures in each message. We also hunt for sight words and new sounds. 

We've also created a lot of sound brainstorms that are posted in our writing centre. Excuse my drawings... 

Our students are able to take one French book out of our library each week, however these are really too hard for them at this point. We've encouraged them to use their book to hunt for sight words and sounds to get them looking through their books each week as they learn to read in French. 

We've finished up our structures and materials unit. Here is one of the check-ins we did on fasteners!

We've also finished our second round of sight words! I've just posted the 3rd sight word bundle on my store :) It has a lot of new activities to mix it up for your students.

Hope you've had a great February! 

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