Finishing up with spring

This week we are finishing up with our spring vocabulary! 

My class will be writing and presenting a book about spring. I change my room around quite a bit, and I think my favourite change from last year was having a "magnetic" word wall. I used to staple my word wall up on a bulletin board, but this year I laminated flashcards and put magnetic strips on the back of them. We use them constantly! My students grab a card when they need it to help them with their writing. I also use them as prompts (e.g. discussions at the carpet) and we practice reading them together. It also means that my students who sit with their backs to the board (my table groups are hexagons) can bring the word to their desk, instead of having to turn around constantly. 

You can see I'm running out of ink in my printer... thankfully it's June! 

We have also been practicing the spring words with our usual centres - bang, bug in a rug, and matching (picture to word). 

Today I chose a card from the word wall, and my students used it in a sentence with a partner. They then wrote their sentence on a mini whiteboard. We talked about using connecting words and prepositions to make more complex sentences - and to get away from just using "et" to make their sentence longer ("Je vois une mouche et un oiseau et un nid et..." etc)

Hope you're all enjoying your last few weeks of school! 

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