Assessment in Grade 1 FI

I recently posted a file that I have been using this past month to help with assessing my students. 

It includes a variety of different activities for reading, writing, listening, and oral production. 

Here are some of the included activities: 

Below is a template for your listening test. Choose 12 winter words that you want to test your students on. To help see what each student knows, you can have them spread around the room. I read one word at a time, giving them time to think and draw. I find this helpful to know which of my students need more practice on the vocabulary. 

Below is the sheet I use to see what words my students can produce. This is more challenging for them than hearing and drawing the word. I point to each square and they tell me the word. Depending on where your students are, you could also have them use the vocabulary in a sentence as well. 

This is some writing practice - students can read the sentence and fill in the blanks with a word that makes sense. They can practice reading and writing for this one! 

To complete this activity, students need to read and then draw a picture to match what they read. I find it to be a helpful check-in for reading comprehension. 

I hope that you find some of these helpful! 

What are you using in your classroom to assess all the different French strands? 

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