Spring Daily 5/Centres

Here are some pictures of my class during "Daily 5" with Spring activities! 

Bang! is a favourite of theirs - they pull a card from the bucket and can keep it if they can use the vocabulary in a sentence. They try to collect the most cards by the end of the game. If they get a "bang!" card, they can pull another card. Sometimes we also play that they have to put all their cards back into the bucket. 


Here they are testing my spring "freebie" on TPT. They have to sort the cards into the correct order to make the correct sentences! 

These cards have pictures that match the word wall cards/flashcards I use with them. They can write sentences on the laminated cards:

Here are two of their desks! They LOVE writing on their desks. They can draw a picture and write sentences to describe it. We are working on different strategies for sounding out words and for editing (P.O.M.M.E.S.). 

Here is a puzzle game for vocabulary acquisition/reading practice: 

Last but not least, some Read to Self :) 

What do your students love to choose during Daily 5?

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